Choosing the right gas boiler design

For new build homes, where you are buying one, the right boiler is probably already installed.

Even so, You should check with the real estate agent which type it is, because it may be the case that your family demand for hot water could outstrip the boilers capacity.

What are the main boiler types and which types of homes do they suit?

Which Type of Gas BoilerThere are some boilers which are fed direct from your mains supply & some that use a storage tank.  If your local water pressure is not so good, this may cause issues with mains fed gas boilers.

To keep it simple, you are likely to be faced with a choice of:

  1. combi boiler
  2. system boiler

combi gas boilerA combi boiler is fed direct from the mains and is designed to provide a constant supply of “instant hot water”. They are very good at doing so, but only up to certain limits.

For a small family, they are ideal. But you have to bear in mind that if you are going to put a lot of hot taps on at the same time, the water can run colder & slower. It’s important to have a good “flow rate”.

They are quite simple to install, but can only run your central heating or your hot water – not both at the same time.

A system boiler is more complicated

Most will rely on a water storage tank where the heating takes place. This means there can be a delay for hot water flow if the system has been idle for a long time.

It can keep up with the demands of a larger family and also run central heating & hot water at the same time – however it is more expensive than the combi.

You can find  a guide here to average new & replacement boiler prices guide 2019

In Summary.

Larger homes with larger demands will need a system gas boiler with a hot water tank – smaller properties with only a couple of occupants can do well with a combi boiler.

Discuss your requirements with a qualified engineer – you can arrange a home visit from

Which Type of Gas Boiler is Right for My Home?